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As a group of autonomous Physical Therapists, our mission at PT Plus is to provide comprehensive Physical Therapy at the highest level of quality. The group is comprised of entrusted physical therapists and occupational therapists, dedicated to providing you with personalized rehabilitation services. The specialists at PT Plus have expertise to ensure their clients achieve a quick and complete recovery specialized in outpatient orthopedics, manual therapy, chronic pain management, industrial injuries and functional capacity assessments.

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Frank Fantazzi , PT, OCS, DPT
  • Racine
  • Greenfield/Milwaukee
  • Elm Grove/Brookfield

Frank Fantazzi

Frank Fantazzi, PT, OCS, DPT, is the co-owner and founder of PT Plus. Following nearly 30 years in the field of physical therapy, he continues to find time to focus his energy on his clinical practice as well as mentor and coach physical therapists who are looking to open their own private practices.

Frank’s distinguished career began in 1977 when he graduated from Marquette University. His early career included working at Wood Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Milwaukee in outpatient orthopedics. He was an adjunct clinical instructor for Marquette University from 1982-1989, teaching orthopedic evaluation and treatment. In 1983, Frank entered into private practice. Through owning and managing Associated Physical Therapists of Milwaukee, Frank discovered his mission within physical therapy is private practice. He and his wife Maureen successfully grew their business to seven clinics across Southeastern Wisconsin.

Frank’s training in manual therapy and orthopedics spanned his career. He has trained with pioneers in the field including Robin McKenzie, Stanley Paris, John Upledger, Phil Greenman, Fred Mitchell, Laurence Jones and John Barnes, to name a few. In 1990 he received his Certificate in Manual Therapy from The Institute for Graduate Health Sciences and in 1991 received his Orthopedic Certified Specialist from the American Physical Therapy Association. In addition, he underwent specialty training including Key Functional Capacity Assessment, TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, Facial Paralysis Rehabilitation, Craniofacial Pain, and Chronic Pain Treatment and Management. Most recently he completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy, fitting for a therapist who’s dedication to life long learning has shaped his career.

Frank is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association and Private Practice Section as well as the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association. He is an advocate for advancing the knowledge and expertise of physical therapists. In addition to his seven years as an adjunct clinical instructor at Marquette University, he has presented numerous programs regarding the prevention of injuries for the low back, neck and carpal tunnel syndrome.

PT Plus is now the passion in Frank’s professional life as he combines his experience in private practice and his knowledge in outpatient orthopedics and manual therapy to mentor, coach and teach physical therapists who want to go into private practice.

Frank and his wife Maureen have lived in Brookfield since 1983. They have raised four wonderful children. His hobbies include gardening, making his own wine, enjoying his wife’s cooking and traveling.

Maureen Fantazzi , PT
  • Racine
  • Greenfield/Milwaukee
  • Elm Grove/Brookfield

Maureen Fantazzi

Maureen graduated from Marquette University in 1975. She began her career working with geriatric populations in Ohio and Wisconsin. In 1980 she began her own business, contracting to provide physical therapy services to extended care facilities in the Milwaukee area. She continued until 1987, at which time she joined forces with her husband, Frank Fantazzi, to open their own private practice.

Their company, Associated Physical Therapists of Milwaukee specialized in providing outpatient orthopedic services. Together they grew this business to include seven offices across southeastern Wisconsin. During that time Maureen re-focused her career goals and became more involved in business management for their growing company. She has attended numerous continuing education classes geared toward coding, billing, reimbursement and business management and ethics for the physical therapist. Maureen and her husband eventually sold APTM and began their latest venture, PT Plus.

Maureen currently provides business management at our Elmbrook, Milwaukee and Racine offices. In addition she works as a liaison between PT Plus and local health insurance companies, oversees the quality assurance program and business development. She is a wonderful resource for patients who are having difficulty navigating the confusing business of health care.

Carol Dusold , MPT
  • Bay View/Milwaukee

Carol Dusold

Carol graduated in 1989 with a BA in psychology from Gustavus Adolphus College and received her Masters in Physical Therapy degree from Hahnemann University in 1993. Since then Carol has spent time working in geriatrics and outpatient orthopedics. Carol is trained in PRRT® (Primal Reflex Release Technique) and BMR (Body Memory Recall) and treats conditions including: sport injuries, post-surgical issues, low back and neck pain, vestibular and balance problems, as well as dysfunctions arising from strokes, MS and Parkinson’s disease.

Carol is also a Certified Brown Belt Nia Instructor. Nia is a choreographed movement class which combines the martial arts of Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi and Aikido, the dance arts including Jazz, Modern, and Duncan, and the healing arts of Yoga, the Teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais, and The Alexander Technique. Together they create a fun-filled hour of aerobic activity that emphasizes having fun moving your body. Nia is a great adjunct to rehab as it promotes alignment and safety of the body and can aid in healing through movement. Nia is appropriate for everybody and can be done sitting if needed. The “couch potato” to the high level athlete can participate in the same Nia class and find joy and a good workout as they move the way their bodies are meant to move. To learn more about Nia techniques and classes, please visit

Mark Snyder , PT, DPT
  • Greenfield/Milwaukee
  • Third Ward/Milwaukee
  • Elm Grove/Brookfield

Mark Snyder

Mark is an owner/partner in the Elmbrook, Greenfield/Milwaukee, Racine, and Third Ward PT Plus offices. He earned his degree in physical therapy in 1992 from the University of Maryland. He has worked in acute care, sports medicine, and outpatient orthopedics. Mark has been a director in a sports medicine clinic, a private practice owner as well as a vice president and director of field operations at the National Centers of Facial Paralysis in Washington, DC.

With a strong passion for education, Mark has been a professor for a physical therapy assistant program and has taught continuing education to physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, psychologists, and physicians in the US and in Europe. He has also taken over 50 continuing education classes in areas such as myofascial release, joint mobilization, strain/counterstrain, muscle energy technique, cranio-sacral, visceral mobilization, lymph drainage, neural tissue tension technique, biofeedback, motor nerve conduction velocity testing, and Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT®). Mark completed his doctorate in physical therapy from Creighton University and is a certified instructor in PRRT.

He has memberships in the American Physical Therapy Association, the Private Practice Section, the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association and is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Amy Snyder , MPT, DPT
  • Third Ward/Milwaukee

Amy Snyder

Amy Snyder, MPT, DPT, received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Florida. Following graduation, Amy became a specialist in the field of craniofacial pain and dysfunction while training with the National Centers for Facial Paralysis in Washington, DC. After a year, Amy returned to her hometown of Milwaukee to work in private practice with her parents and husband.  She returned to school in 2006 and received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Creighton University.

Continuously enhancing her education and manual therapy skills, Amy has Dry Needling certification through Myopain Seminars.  She also specializes in advanced manual therapy techniques including, Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Technique, Strain-Counter Strain, Cranial-Sacral Therapy and Primal Reflex Release Technique.

Amy is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association.  She currently serves as Secretary on the WPTA PPSIG Board of Directors.  She also volunteers for the APTA Private Practice Section’s Annual Conference Planning Committee.

In her spare time, Amy enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering at her church and children’s school, cooking, reading and traveling.  She has also practiced Yoga and Pilates and incorporates these exercise philosophies into her patients’ treatments to enhance their overall health.

“I believe in treating the whole person. When someone comes into my clinic, he or she isn’t just a ‘knee’ or a ‘shoulder’. I use a holistic approach to quickly return my patients to their previous level of function, while helping them prevent additional injuries.”

Ed Schuster , MS, OT, CKTP, TMRc, Advanced Myofascial Release Therapist
  • Elm Grove/Brookfield

Ed Schuster

Edward Schuster MS, OT, CKTP, TMRc, Advanced Myofascial Release Therapist Occupational Therapist (Elm Grove/Brookfield, Racine, Greenfield/Milwaukee) Edward Schuster is the owner of Total Release Therapy at PT plus. With over 20 years in the field of orthopedic occupational therapy, he continues to focus his energy on clinical practice and product development in order to bring independence and pain relief into peoples lives. Edward began his career in 1986 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin. His early career focused on treating shoulder, elbow and hand injuries becoming certified as a hand therapist in 1991. He also worked as a clinical consultant training hundreds of students and clinicians as a splinting workshop instructor and product manager with Smith & Nephew Rolyan. In 1999, Ed became one of the first Kinesio® Taping instructors in the US that included training in Japan. He developed a taping manual and taught over 20 workshops on Kinesio® taping to physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers and chiropractors. In 2002, he received his masters in Health Care Administration from the school of business at Cardinal Stritch University. This led to the co-development of shoulder and elbow CPM devices, which are now used as part of post-operative rehabilitation programs through out the world. Another strong interest for Ed is contracture management. In 2011, he developed an evidence-based progression protocol for the unique Statadyne® contracture management devices used through out the United States. Ed also has a strong interest in industrial rehabilitation and ergonomics undergoing over 200 hours of training in this specialty area including course work at USC in the Human Factors department. He is an accomplished industrial ergonomic evaluator and is well rounded in his approach to treating and preventing work related injuries. Recently, Ed has improved his manual therapy skills by focusing on a whole body approach and become an advanced myofascial release therapist. He completed over 300 hours of training in manual therapy, which also includes lymphatic massage, primal reflex release technique, trigger point release, muscle energy technique, and strain-counterstrain technique. In 2012, he became the first occupational therapist certified in Total Motion Release and started a clinic at PT plus utilizing this approach to educate and train patients on how to live a pain free life. Ed is a member of the , Wisconsin Occupational Therapy Association, American Society of Hand Therapists, and Wisconsin Society of Hand Therapists. He has presented numerous programs on treating and preventing shoulder, neck and back injuries as well as the use of clinical NMES and the Compex device; an over the counter muscle stimulation device used for performance and recovery. He has also developed a home treatment and recovery program utilizing myofascial release balls and ball roller used by runners, personal trainers and patients. More recently, Ed began working with patients learning to use prosthetic hands and fingers continuing his focus on bringing independence to peoples lives. Ed enjoys the simple things in life: friends, family, and a healthy lifestyle.

Sarah Person , PTA
  • Racine

Bio to come.

Melody Stier , PT, DPT
  • Elm Grove/Brookfield

Melody Stier

A graduate of Carroll University, Melody completed her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and continued on to achieve her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. While going through school, she also obtained her personal training certification through the American College of Sports Medicine and has found success implementing her knowledge of kinesiology and movement principles with her clients. She enjoys being able to help others find joy in movement, whether it is regaining basic function, discovering a passion for exercise, or improving current performance. Melody is also a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association.

With clinical internship experience across the country, Melody has developed a well-rounded approach to therapy with an emphasis on each patient’s story and his or her individual needs and goals. She believes that no two patients are alike, and strives to create an environment and utilize treatment strategies that appropriately address and challenge each patient. Having had experience with chronic pain and orthopedics, Melody has developed a passion for serving these populations and restoring their function.

An outdoor enthusiast, you can often find her hiking, running, or biking.

Colleen Baughn , OTR, CES
  • Third Ward/Milwaukee
  • Elm Grove/Brookfield

Colleen Baughn

Colleen is a licensed occupational therapist, corrective exercise specialist and certified nutrition coach who deeply understands the connections between nutrition, movement, and health. After struggling for years with her own diagnoses of autoimmunity and fibromyalgia, Colleen empowered herself to heal through the use of strategic lifestyle choices. Once Colleen recognized the power that food, movement and mindset had on her health, she began empowering others to take control of their symptoms. Working in partnership with her clients, Colleen helps to design and implement rehabilitation, fitness and nutrition programs that allow clients to take control of their symptoms and achieve their goals for the long-term.

Hillary Jackson , DPT
  • Third Ward/Milwaukee

Hillary Jackson

Hillary Jackson graduated from UW-Milwaukee with her bachelors in Kinesiology in 2010 and her Doctor of Physical Therapy is 2014. In the middle of her undergraduate program, Hillary attended Lakeside School of Massage Therapy where she received her massage certification and license in 2008. The experience in massage therapy has allow her to sharpen her manual therapy skills with her current physical therapy practice. Along with her massage therapy background, she has attended continuing education classes on Craniosacral, Pelvic floor rehab, and Dry needling allowing for more options in what a patient may need in order to heal.

Although she has experience with multiple diagnoses, with a concentration on orthopedic and pelvic floor, Hillary will tell you she loves working with people. She loves getting to know the person as an individual and not just a diagnosis and guiding them in their journey to healing.

Outside of the clinic, you can find Hillary on the Eastside with her husband and 2 dogs. She loves to take them on walks along the lakefront. She also enjoys the food scene in Milwaukee and will talk about food and wine all day if you let her.

Peter Eidsmoe , DPT
  • Racine
  • Greenfield/Milwaukee

Peter Eidsmoe

Peter received both his Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Carroll University and is a native of the Greenfield area. He has had exposure to several different Physical Therapy Settings in Wisconsin and Texas including the Mayo Hospital System. Peter provides treatment through identifying movement impairments and utilizing manual therapy techniques, including various manipulations/mobilizations to fix underlying joint or soft tissue issues.

Physical Therapy is a passion for Peter. He places an emphasis on quality of care and establishing good patient rapport. What he enjoys about the profession is that no patient is ever the same, so he approaches each condition as a puzzle that needs to be solved using a research based approach and clinical experience. His highest priority is to help patients return to their daily lives and the activities they enjoy without pain or limitation.

Outside the clinic, Peter has coached youth sports for over 9 years and has also spent time coaching baseball at Greenfield High School. He loves anything to do with the outdoors and spends his summers volunteering for an Adaptive Water Ski Program. He enjoys playing baseball, tennis, golf and basketball.

Christine Collins , DPT
  • Thiensville

Christine Collins

I graduated from Carroll College in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in Fitness Management/Exercise Science and then furthered my education in massage therapy in 2002 from Lakeside School of Massage Therapy. I received my Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Carroll University in 2009 and have enjoyed treating patients in an outpatient setting for 10 years.

I am a cancer rehabilitation specialist and a general outpatient orthopedic therapist. My role allows me to treat patients from all ages and various diagnoses. I believe in educating my patients on their injury/disease and the rehabilitation process in order to make them an active part of their treatment. I focus on open communication and teamwork to maximize the benefits from physical therapy. My goal is to help you move better so you can feel better.

When I am not treating patients, I am a clinical instructor for PT/PTA students I enjoy facilitating the growth and confidence of student therapists as the continue their journey. In my previous roles, I have also served as a clinical coordinator and liaison between clinic and school by scheduling and managing clinical placements for PT and PTA students. I hope to continue my role as clinical instructor and site clinical coordinator.

Outside of work, I spend time with my husband and 3 children, as well as my extended family. I enjoy playing with my kids, watching them play rec-league activities/sports, playing golf, and traveling to many places to visit family and friends from up north all the way to Colorado, and many places in between.

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